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【Pre-owned】Mercury Plus V2.0
New/Open-BoxGood usedDamaged for fix upDamaged

 Notices Before Purchase!

*Pre-owned machines are returned items, some of them are used ones, NOT REFURBISHED

*Pre-owned machines cannot be returned. If required repaired, parts and accessories can be purchased separately.

Shipment Tips!

A: Generally, the preowned product is available in the 27 member countries of the European Union, but 5 of these countries may not support, it Bulgaria, Cyprus, Finland, Malta, and Sweden, please refer to the checkout page.
B: Due to high transportation costs, some preowned products (Good used/Damaged for fix up/Damaged for parts ONLY) will only support delivery to Germany. It is shown on the product page as shipped from "DE".

Condition Notes for Pre-owned Machines:

  • New/ Open-box -> The item is in like new, never usedlassembled condition. It's returned due to buyers' remorse or fulfillment error. It may only show sign of repackaging due to our inspection service (opening the box, taking photos, recording serial #, classifying grades). It's sealed, packaged in the original factory condition with ALL original factory parts/accessories in inspected new or like new condition.
  • Good used -> This item was inspected, cleaned, repaired to full working order and is in overall good condition. It WILL contain aesthetic signs of wear/teas/scratches. This item may be repackaged. *REMINDER- this is a used unit. NOT REFURBISHED.
  • Damaged for fix up -> The unit has damage in functionality (e.g. a bad Curing Light). It needs fix-up & touch-up to be fully functional. It usually contains signs of wears/tears/aesthetic issues such as scratches, dents/cracking. It powers on. It might miss one or ALL minor parts/hardware/accessories. Customers MIGHT need to buy up to 2 units with us in order to make 1 functional unit. Great as DIY fix-up projects for experienced DIY experts.
  • Damaged -> The unit is most likely to have damaged mainboards and does NOT power on and it WILL cost more to be fully restored than being used as parts.


Good used


for fix up


Powers-On Test

Functionality Test

Movement Test

*All functional parts

*Hardware Counts



Miss one or all, Might not power on, Not Movement Test

*All functional parts - monitor, wash&cure main body, curing light, curing turntable, cleaning Bucket, power adapter, and so on.

*Hardware Counts – complimentary assembly/maintenance tools

*Accessories – toolkits, manual. The absence of these accessories does not affect the washing curing function.

* If you would like to purchase a brand new one, please click here.

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