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Rotary Attachment for Phecda
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  Main Features:

  • Adjustable Width: Our rotary attachment supports an adjustable width ranging up to 70mm. This adjustable feature allows you to work with a wide range of cylindrical objects with varying diameters. Simply adjust the roller center distance using the convenient knob to securely hold your object in place.
  • Manual Diameter Adjustment: Engraving on objects of different diameters is a breeze with our rotary attachment. You can manually adjust the attachment's shaft width without disassembling it, making it quick and convenient to switch between different-sized objects without interrupting your workflow.
  • High-Speed Motor Control: The rotary attachment features a high-speed motor that synchronously controls the rotation of the object. This precise control ensures that the pattern or design being engraved on the curved surface is error-free and accurately aligned. Enjoy flawless and professional results every time.
  • Easy Installation and Use: Installing and using the rotary attachment is a straightforward process. It conveniently connects to your laser engraver directly via the power supply and is controlled through the engraver's interface or software. Once connected, you can set the desired rotation speed and engraving parameters.
  • Widely Compatible: Our rotary attachment is compatible with multiple of laser engravers on the market. With its adjustable features and seamless integration, it enables you to expand your engraving capabilities and unlock a whole new realm of creative possibilities.

  • Size: 208x188x46.5mm

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