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Honeycomb Panel for Phecda
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  Main Features:

  • Smoke and Dust Removal: Our honeycomb panel is designed to help accelerate the exhaustion of smoke and dust generated during the laser engraving or cutting process. Its honeycomb structure efficiently captures and filters particles, keeping your work area clean and minimizing the risk of respiratory irritation.
  • Stable Work Surface: The honeycomb panel comes with an aluminum plate that not only enhances its durability and strength but also protects your desk surface from turning yellow or black due to laser exposure or overheating. This robust construction ensures the longevity of both your honeycomb panel and work surface.
  • Airflow and Ventilation: Designed for optimal airflow and ventilation, the honeycomb panel promotes a clean and safe working environment. Its moderate honeycomb size allows air to circulate freely, effectively dissipating heat and preventing heat buildup and material sagging or warping. This airflow ensures the integrity of your materials and enhances the precision of your laser engravings and cuts.
  • Accurate Size Scale: The honeycomb panel is designed with an accurate size scale, enabling users to quickly measure and position the workpieces. This feature enhances efficiency and precision, saving you time and effort in aligning your materials. Compatible with a wide range of materials commonly used in laser engraving and cutting. 
  • Easy Cleaning and Maintenance: Keeping the honeycomb panel clean and well-maintained is a breeze. The debris and residue generated during the laser process can be easily removed by shaking or using compressed air. Enjoy hassle-free maintenance and maximize the lifespan of your honeycomb panel.

  • Size: 450x450x22mm

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