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Window Mirror for Phecda (6 Pcs)
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  Main Features:

  • Original Quartz Glass Lens: Our laser engraver window mirror adopts an original quartz glass lens that can withstand the heat and energy generated by the laser. Its exceptional light transmission properties allows for maximum efficiency in laser beam delivery and ensures minimal loss of laser energy, resulting in a more stable laser output and consistent and accurate engraving or cutting.
  • Easy Disassembly and Replacement: We understand the importance of convenience and efficiency in maintaining your laser engraver. Our laser engraver window mirror is designed for easy disassembly and replacement. This user-friendly feature allows you to quickly and effortlessly remove and replace the window mirror when necessary. 
  • Maintenance and Cleaning: Proper maintenance and cleaning of the window mirror are essential to maintain optimal performance. Regularly remove debris, dust, or residue on the mirror surface with a lint-free cloth and mild cleaning solutions to extend the lifespan of the window mirror and ensure consistent engraving quality.

  • Package Unit: 6
  • Size(each): 28mm*28mm*10mm

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