ELEGOO Sponsored Concordia Formula SAE 

ELEGOO proudly announces its sponsorship with Concordia Formula SAE, providing essential 3D printing resources for their electric vehicle project. With ELEGOO's support, including a Neptune 3 Pro 3D printer, a Mercury Plus V2.0 wash and curing station, and ABS-like resin, the team can now enable the production of high-quality parts for their EV car. This collaboration accelerates innovation and enhances their research and development capabilities.

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EELEGOO Sponsored Energy Resources Center STEM Scholars of UIC

ELEGOO sponsors the Energy Resources Center's STEM Scholars program at the University of Illinois Chicago, providing high school students with the opportunity to learn about 3D printing. By donating the Neptune 3 Pro 3D printer, ELEGOO empowers students to explore their mathematical and creative skills while gaining insights into manufacturing careers.

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ELEGOO Established Sponsorship with EUROAVIA Napoli

ELEGOO has established a sponsorship with EUROAVIA Napoli, a non-profit and international organization focused on providing practical aerospace industry experiences for students. ELEGOO previously sponsored EUROAVIA Napoli in 2020 by providing a Mars 2 Pro 3D printer, and this year, we have supplied ELEGOO resins to aid in printing rocket prototypes. This sponsorship aims to support students in their aerospace endeavors.

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More ELEGOO Sponsored Projects

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