ELEGOO Established Sponsorship with Swindon Makerspace to bring Resin 3D Printing Experience

We want to help more organizations that are interested and in need of 3D printing through sponsorship. ELEGOO has never stopped. Recently we sponsored our Mars 2 Pro LCD 3D printer to Swindon Makerspace, a not-for-profit registered C.I.C. (Community Interest Company) created in 2012. They like to break and make things.  Many different things – robots, aircraft, computers, electronics – anything goes. And encourage each other to run informal workshops on topics such as Solar Power, Laser Cutting, OpenSCAD, and 3D Printing

Through the sponsored printers, the club's 3D printing equipment can be increased, so that members have more opportunities to learn and experience the fun of resin 3D printing.

The following video is a recording of members using the Mars 2 Pro to print:

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