Why we launch this column?

Empowering Tomorrow

Elegoo's Commitment to Gender Diversity and Innovation in 3D Printing

1. Promoting Gender Equality and Inclusivity in Technology

At Elegoo, we are committed to promoting gender equality and inclusivity in the technology sector, especially within the 3D printing industry. This dedication stems from our belief that every individual, regardless of gender, should have equal opportunities to thrive and contribute to the advancement of technology.

2. Inspiring and Empowering Future Female Innovators

We aim to inspire and empower future generations of female innovators by highlighting the accomplishments and contributions of women in 3D printing. By showcasing the achievements of women in this field, we hope to encourage more women to pursue careers in technology, thereby enriching the industry with diverse perspectives and talents.

3. Fostering Innovation Through Gender Diversity

We strongly believe that diversity in the workforce, especially gender diversity, is essential for fostering innovation and creating a more inclusive environment. By acknowledging and celebrating the valuable contributions of women in the 3D printing industry, we seek to foster a culture of diversity, inspiration, and innovation that benefits the industry as a whole.

Let's Delve into (her story)

I’m proud of what I’m doing

This discovery of stem cell technology was awarded the Nobel prize in 2012. Because that means that we can now take – in a non-invasive way – cells from patients. And for us this is huge, right?

Try out new things in your career such as 3D printing

What is happening in the stem cell field in research is that people are engineering and 3D-printing with biomaterials to create platforms for the cells to grow in.

You don’t have to be less girly to become a scientist

But now growing up in the world of science, I actually realized that the things I like or do outside my job, they really don’t define the quality of my research.

Any remarks to the future female in STEM field?

Be bold. Try out new things. It does not need to be perfect from the start.