PLA PRO Filament 1.75mm Colored 2KG
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Filament Ring

Filament Ring:Download Model>

Function: Reduce the possibility of delamination caused by moisture and friction on the treatment tray, and adapt to AMS (because AMS will rub the bottom paper tray, causing the paper tray to easily delaminate)


1. It is recommended using PETG for printing

2. Change X-Y hole and contour compensation to 0.1 if it is too tight

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 Main Features:

  • 【Enhanced Rigidity & Stiffness】ELEGOO PLA PRO filament offers superior rigidity and stiffness than PLA. Excellent combination of rigidity and stiffness make it perfect for printing functional parts or other projects
  • 【30-250mm/s Printing Speed】180°C - 210°C wider print temperature range, PLA PRO suitable for different printing speeds within 30-250mm/s. Whether you like slow or fast printing, it will always keep up with your pace
  • 【Easy Start for Beginners & Experts】Dimensional accuracy of +/- 0.02 mm, outstanding tolerance and consistency, neatly wound and no tangle. You can easily start printing using basic or custom settings, no worry about tolerance, clogging, snap or any quality issues
  • 【Reliable Bed Adhesion】ELEGOO PLA PRO is made of top quality pure pla material, prints can adhere firmly to the bed, preventing warping and detachment issues. Enjoy hassle-free 3D printing with a reliable first layer
  • 【Wide Compatibility】Perfectly compatible with all 1.75mm FDM 3D printers available on the market, such as Neptune 3 series, Neptune 4 series, Ender 3 series, Kobra 2 series and more

ELEGOO PLA PRO Filament 1.75mm 3D Printer Filament

Density: 1.25g/cm³

Melt index: 7-15(190℃~220℃/216kg)g/10min

Tensile strength: ≥ 44 MPa

Elongation at break: 6%

Bending strength: 80MPa

Bending modulus: 2900MPa

Izod notched impact strength: 5 kj/m²

Thermal distortion temperature: 57℃(0.45MPa)

Filament length: (1.75mm) 330-340m

Printing temperature: 180~220°C (recommended 200°C)

Printing platform temperature: 50-65°C

Printing speed: 30-250mm/s

Recommended platforms: textured paper, PVP glue stick, PEI

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