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3D Printer Enclosure
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Main Features:

  • Temperature Control: ELEGOO 3D printer enclosure creates a stable printing environment, maintaining a steady temperature throughout the printing process. This is particularly beneficial for ABS filament that is prone to warping. Say goodbye to failed prints due to temperature fluctuations and enjoy consistent and flawless results.
  • Improved Print Quality: With our enclosure, expect improved print quality and increased success rates. By minimizing the impact of external factors such as drafts, our enclosure promotes even cooling, reducing the risk of warping and delamination, enabling better layer adhesion and overall print accuracy.
  • Increased Safety: Our enclosure adopts the flame-retardant pure aluminum foil Oxford cloth for excellent heat insulation and durability. It acts as a protective barrier, preventing accidental contact with moving parts, hot surfaces, or heated components. Additionally, it shields your prints from dust and particles, ensuring cleaner and safer results.
  • Noise Reduction: Experience a quieter printing environment with our enclosure. The enclosure helps dampen the sound produced by the 3D printer, ensuring a more peaceful and focused workspace. Enjoy uninterrupted creativity and productivity without the distraction of excessive noise.
  • User-friendly Design: Foldable design for storage and carry, and installing and removing our enclosure is a breeze. Our enclosure features a storage mesh bag inside to keep your tools and accessories organized, a front pocket to hold a thermometer and hygrometer, and a viewing window to observe printing progress at a glance. The power cord threading port adopts a tightenable design to enhance thermal insulation.
  • Wide Compatibility: With a large size of 550x650x750mm, our enclosure provides ample space to accommodate printers of various sizes on the market. Perfectly compatible with ELEGOO Neptune 4/4 Pro, Neptune 3/3 Pro, and Neptune 2 series FDM 3D printers.


Product size: 550mm*650mm*750mm
Packing size: 390mm*170mm*110mm
Net weight (kg): 1.45kg
Gross weight (kg): 1.68kg
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Main Features:

  • 【Comprehensive Kit】ELEGOO dual-gear direct extruder kit includes a 0.4mm brass nozzle, a gearbox kit, a hot end kit, and a PTFE tube. With these components, you'll have everything you need to enjoy reliable and precise filament control throughout your printing process.
  • 【Dual-Gear Direct Drive Extruder】Our kit features a dual-gear direct drive extruder with a 3:1 reduction ratio, which ensures smooth and reliable filament feeding and significantly reduces nozzle clogging and under-extrusion issues. You can print a wide range of materials, including PLA, ABS, PETG, and TPU, with ease and precision.
  • 【Resistant to Wear】The direct extruder gears in our kit are made from high-quality stainless steel. These gear teeth are resistant to wear, ensuring long-lasting performance and consistent extrusion. The titanium alloy throat pipe has excellent thermal conductivity properties and reduces clogging issues, resulting in smooth and consistent filament feeding.
  • 【Tight Filament Path】Our dual-gear direct extruder kit boasts a tight filament path and seamless connections between components. This design ensures efficient filament feeding and eliminates any potential leakage. Experience hassle-free printing without any filament jams or messy leaks.
  • 【Efficient Heat Dissipation】The print head in our extruder kit is equipped with fans on both sides, ensuring omnidirectional and rapid cooling of the freshly printed layers. This feature promotes fast heat dissipation and enhances the overall stability of your printing process. Enjoy improved print quality and reduce the risk of warping or deformation.
  • 【Easy Installation】Installing our dual-gear direct extruder kit is a breeze. With the included screws, you can easily secure the components into place. The user-friendly design ensures a hassle-free installation process, allowing you to get back to printing in no time.

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