Open Source Files for ELEGOO Mars 3 Ultra 4k Mono LCD 3D Printer

[ELEGOO Mars 3] [Open Source]

It's here! At this moment we are very chuffed to say that the open source files for ELEGOO Mars 3 4k LCD printer are all set and uploaded. The file download link is attached below.

The Mars 3 is open source. This means it is way more useful when trying to reconstruct the printer: modify it to facilitate your printing workflow, to promote ease of printing, etc.

We much appreciate the trust you placed in us. Contributing to open-source 3D printers will always be a goal of our efforts.

Definitely, when any problems using the Mars 3 printer, kindly reach out to us by email( Our team will be more than happy to help.

☄️Certification page:
☄️Download the Open source files:


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