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Introduce: ELEGOO Neptune 3 PRO FDM 3D Printer

Introduce: ELEGOO Neptune 3 PRO FDM 3D Printer

Neptune 3 Pro, prints like a pro!

It is a great pleasure to introduce to you our Neptune 3 Pro FDM 3D printer.

Dual geared direct drive extruders, double z-axis lead screws, dual motors designed for smooth and stable printing. It offers the chance to print with a wider range of materials like TPU, PLA and ABS.
The auto 36-point one-click bed leveling system makes the leveling work so simple! Also, the model preview function is back! And NO more flashlights at the night with the LED light bar!

The following is a detailed understanding of the features of Neptune 3 Pro and the comparison of parameters with Neptune 3. 

1. Overview of Neptune 3 Pro

225*225*280mm printing size can meet the needs of most users. With an STM32 motherboard, all axes of ELEGOO Neptune 3 Pro are driven by silent stepper motors for quieter and more precise movement during printing, which reduces the noise as low as 47-48dB. The easy-to-setup printer comes with the main components pre-assembled, as well as a complete tool kit for quick installation.

2. Dual-Gear Direct Extruder

The new dual-gear direct drive extruder is made of SUS303 high-quality stainless steel with a 3:1 reduction ratio and stronger extrusion force for smoother filament feeding and more stable & accurate printing, which greatly reduces nozzle clogging and under-extrusion issues, printing effect is better than Bowden extruder. Compatible with multiple filaments such as PLA, TPU, PETG, and ABS.

3. Nozzle Kit for Better Printing Effect

The nozzle kit contains a TC4 titanium alloy throat pipe, an aluminum alloy flat heat sink structure, and a brass nozzle. The widened aluminum heat sink paired with the front close-fitting efficient cooling fan for a better heat dissipation effect and lower the temperature of the throat pipe, thereby reducing the possibility of nozzle clogging. Fans on both sides of the print head ensure omnidirectional and rapid cooling of printed layers to improve the model details and overhang printing effect.

4. Smarter Printing Experience

Auto mesh bed leveling adopts a non-contact high precision sensor to automatically scan 36 (6x6) points of the hotbed and collect data in real-time, and then adjust the Z-axis height to compensate for any irregularities and unevenness of the printing platform. (Only applicable to metal printing platforms) Intelligent fan control: after printing, all fans will automatically stop working below 50℃ to extend fan lifespan, reduce noise, and save power. Smart resume printing: the printer will auto-pause when the filament runs out or breaks, and you can resume printing after a power outage. 

5. More Stable Printing

The Z-axis with dual synchronized lead screws and dual-motor drive for more stable movement of the print head and higher printing accuracy, avoiding the printing deviation driven by a single Z-axis lead screw motor. The 4-wheel V-guide rail pulley is made of POM with more stable movement, low noise, wear resistance, and longer service life.

6. Ease of Use

PEI magnetic platform with a special coating and spring steel sheet for good adhesion and anti-warping, so that prints can be easily released or popped off by bending the print steel sheet.  The 4.3-inch removable capacitive touch screen can be operated by hand-held or fixed on the base. Built-in print model preview function to preview the model image before printing and observe the printing progress. The 250W high-power hotbed can quickly heat up to 100ºC and start printing. The integrated LED light bar on the gantry can be operated by pressing the buttons on the screen to conveniently observe the model printing in a poor light environment.

DIFFERENCE:Neptune 3 Pro  VS  Neptune 3 

Neptune 3 Pro Neptune 3
  • Forming size: 225X225X280(mm³)
  • Platform size: 235*235mm
  • Equipment dimensions: 475*445*515mm
  • Metal Extruder: Direct Drive
  • Bed leveling: 36-point Auto Mesh Leveing
  • LED: Integrated LED Light Bar
  • Z-axis: Double Lead screws + Double motors
  • Model preview function: Yes
  • Current price: $230 USD (2022/11/24)
  • Forming size: 220X220X280(mm³)
  • Platform size: 235*235mm
  • Equipment dimensions: 442*452*530mm
  • Metal Extruder: Remote
  • Bed leveling: 16-point Auto Mesh Leveing
  • LED: No
  • Z-axis: Single Lead screw + Single motor 
  • Model preview function: No
  • Current price: $209.99 USD (2022/11/24)
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