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ELEGOO Jupiter: Well-designed for Better 3D printing

ELEGOO Jupiter: Well-designed for Better 3D printing

On Nov 28, 2018, ELEGOO's first resin printer was released - ELEGOO Mars, which harvested some love and praise. The release of Saturn on May 21, 2020, let us feel your big enthusiasm for 3D printing and the support for ELEGOO again. We appreciate all warm suggestions and keep working on the 3d printer improvement. Now we are finally happy to say that the ELEGOO Jupiter is ready.

We are very grateful and touched by everyone's expectations for ELEGOO Jupiter. In 2019, our R&D team already initiated the development and design of Jupiter. In August 2020, we displayed an image of Jupiter, which is a version of the Jupiter machine with an overall acrylic shell. To be frank, this machine was already the fifth version. And the Jupiter you see now came out after repeated improvements, and our R&D team put a lot of effort into introducing the machine.

The core goal of our R&D team in the Jupiter research path is managing to improve the success rate of printing and to ensure the final accurate details of the model. Why? To print a large size model, we usually need to consume more resin, more printing time, require more force for the build plate movement than a usual machine. To reduce the cost of failure and increase the success rate of printing, we offer a 6k Mono screen to help deliver great printing results; our team figured out the automatic resin feeding plan to help provide resin while printing, equipped with brand new FEP 2.0 for better release effect, etc. We still try to offer a reasonable price to you guys on Kickstarter based on all the attentive design.

Kindly believe that the design of each function is all based on a ton of the R&D team's tests and the consideration of printing and operation portability, etc. All the designs are definitely not random. We will always treat all our customers sincerely and will never produce high-risk products. Otherwise, we would not be at ease. Moreover, all products will go through quality testing and strict quality control procedures before they are sent out. We will truly be responsible for our customers and our products.

We thank everyone for the many suggestions we've received from the community member about improving the large-format resin printer since Jupiter became known to the public(2019). Thank you very much. It is you who made us feel the strength and unity of the 3D printing community! We will continue to move forward with you to explore the wonders of the 3D printing world, always listening to your comments and suggestions and bringing you quality products and the best service experience!
Jupiter Kickstarter Link: Launching on Sep,11th at 2:00 PM (UTC)
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