ELEGOO Invites You to Win New Machine by Joining in the Guessing Interaction of New Machines!

We've had many guys asking us the next ELEGOO machine. We're at the point where we unveil something.
There you go. New beasts attacks!
Above is a rough outline picture of our three new machines.
What do you think the name will be when peering at the first machinery silhouette?

Start your bold guesses! All of you guys who participate in the guess will get a chance to Win Free ELEGOO New Machine!

JOIN: Follow ELEGOO Official  Facebook homepage and leave a message under the event's post (guess the name of the new machine)

 PS: The name of the first machine and its true nature will be revealed on May 13th! Winners will be drawn on May 30th!

That aside, we're about to release more news about the new products during the month. In case that you don't miss out on important info, keep an eye out for our Facebook official homepage!
This May will be the time for results acceptance and feedback to users. Start a new journey together with ELEGOO!
ELEGOO Official
April 28,2021