ELEGOO Established Sponsorship with OrdiRétro to help Restoring Retro Computers and Game Consoles

OrdiRétro is an association based in the Lille metropolis for 10 years, born from the meeting of enthusiasts of video games, retrogaming and new technologies.

Its goal is to preserve a video game heritage and develop the culture of video games in the Hauts de France and Occitanie regions (a branch was created in Montpellier in January 2018).

As a non-profit association dedicated to the preservation and culture of video games and computers; when we heard that they needed to use 3D printer to make some smooth structures and some translucent parts for everyday retro computers and consoles When repairing, we provide them with the help we can by sponsoring ELEGOO Mars 2 Pro LCD 3D Printer and other related products. 

If you are interested in the association, you can learn more on Facebook:@ordiretro.

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