ELEGOO Established Sponsorship with Kuba Sawicki to build a giant Medieval Fantasy City tabletop scene

Kuba Sawicki, a scenery builder, diorama creator, and commission painter from Poland - he has opened a KY painting studio in 2021. His main personal project is building a giant medieval fantasy city that was not yet seen on the tabletop scene. 

Considering that high-precision character miniatures need to be printed quickly and in large quantities during the construction of the scene, he used the ELEGOO Mars 2 Pro LCD resin 3D printer sponsored by us. 

Up to now, Medieval Fantasy City is still under building, and we look forward to its completion will bring us another shock to 3D printing!

Note: We will update this article in time when the Medieval Fantasy City is built.

Some 3D printing model display: @picassawi 

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