ELEGOO Sponsored Firenze Race Team to help Print Innovative Steering Wheels for Racing Car

Firenze Race Team is the official racing team of the University of Florence, with more than 60 members. The team participates in Formula Student events and international events organized by the American Society of Automotive Engineers every year. It is the oldest FSAE team in Italy and was established in 2000. The Firenze Race Team's goal is to develop a single-seater race car with autonomous driving capabilities. The team won first place in the category "Class 3" of the FSAE Italy competition 2022

ELEGOO sponsored the Neptune 3 Pro FDM 3D printer and filament to help the team use the 3D printer to print the innovative steering wheel of the racing car, and use the car to participate in the FSAE Italy competition from July 12th to 16th this year.

Finally, we wish the Firenze Race Team great success in the upcoming race!

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