ELEGOO Established Sponsorship with Ferrara Squadra Corse to Participate in Formula SAE

Ferrara Squadra Corse: Unife in the world of motorsport

Ferrara Squadra Corse is a project born from the desire of some Mechanical and Electronic Engineering students to bring the Student Formula to the University of Ferrara as well.

They started from a simple concept: to combine environmental sustainability and the future of mobility with a passion for motorsport.

They are preparing will have an architecture based on 4 electric motors mounted on the four wheels of the single-seater, which, combined with refined care of the tube trellis frame, the aerodynamics of the carbon fiber bodywork, slowly aims at growing competitiveness in the field of the international Formula Student competition.

ELEGOO encourages all creative activities and projects, just like our vision: Create the Future. We sponsored Neptune 2S FDM 3D Printer to print the parts needed for electric vehicles and participate in Formula SAE.


 Uniform with ELEGOO logo:

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