ELEGOO Mars: How to replace B version motherboard

If your Mars printer needs replace B version motherboard, please follow steps below:

Tools you need: Motherboard of Mars, 2.0mm Hex wrench, 2.5mm Hex wrench; Marker pen;

Part One: Disassemble

Step 1: Unscrew the screws that lock the front shell with the 2mm Hex Wrench

Step 2: Gently unplug the cable that connects the motherboard and the touch screen

Step 3: Unscrew the screws that lock the back shell then remove the shell

Step 4: Tear off the black tape that fix the LCD cable to the adapter then disconnect the cable

Step 5: Take off the two screws under bottom of the machine that lock the adapter

Step 6:  Open the black  buckle and take off the adapter

Step 7: Open the black buckles at both sides of the ports and unplug the cable that used to connect the touch screen

Step 8:  Mark the ports with numbers as shown in the picture

Step 9:  Unplug the ports, unscrew the screws, and take off the old motherboard

Part Two: Reassemble

Step 1:  Connect the cable back on to the new board then lock the screws

Step 2:  Reinstall the adapter to the port and lock the black buckle

Step 3: Reinstall the two screws that lock the adapter

Step 4: Reconnect the LCD cable to the adapter then apply the black tape to fix the cable

Step 5: Put the back shell back on and lock the screws

Step 6: Reconnect the touch screen cable to the motherboard

Step 7: Put the front shell back on and lock the screws

Instructional Video

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