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ELEGOO Mars 2 Pro VS The Original Mars, What Are The Upgrades?

ELEGOO Mars 2 Pro VS The Original Mars, What Are The Upgrades?

Since the launch of ELEGOO Mars, this printer has become the most popular consumer printer in the 3D printing community with its easy operation, high-quality printing results and the best price/performance ratio on the market.

Of course, while selling this "killer" product, the ELEGOO team has never stopped researching how to bring you more cutting-edge and affordable LCD printers. So just a few months ago, ELEGOO Mars 2 Pro  was launched, a new product based on Mars with a complete upgrade of core technology and user experience.

Since many of our customers are still not sure what are the outstanding features of Mars 2 Pro that made it sold out as soon as it was released, let us guide you through the upgraded points of this printer to give you some reference when choosing a printer model.

What Monochrome LCD Does?

We all know Mars 2 Pro has a monochrome LCD, but what are the benefits of this new tech? 3X faster curing speed and 4X longer durability of the LCD.

Mono screens can collect more UV light than RGB Screens. In traditional RGB screen printers, UV light is under-utilized when it reaches the LCD, which extends the curing time of each layer of the model. And the Mono LCD we choose on the Mars 2 Pro is designed specifically for the resin printing industry, with a higher UV light transmittance of 405nm and more than 4 times the light power of an RGB LCD. While bringing faster curing speed, the high transmittance maintains the screen at lower temperatures and consumes less power, thus aging is slower and durability is greatly improved.

Also Better Printing Performance?

For a printer, the print result is always the core performance. Compare to the original Mars, will Mars 2 Pro have a better printing effect?

We know both the original Mars and the Mars 2 Pro apply the cob light source, which is a highly efficient integrated area light technology that attaches the LED chip directly to the substrate. Whereas, there are some disparities in the way light sources are utilized between the two. When Mars reflects the light onto the LCD screen using the mirror of the reflector, the light reaches the screen in a messy way, causing the sharpness of edge areas to be reduced and the details to be less than perfect. Meanwhile, the area of scattered light is so large that partial lights can not reach the screen.

The Mars 2 Pro does not require a reflector, it features high-density integrated LEDs. The angle of light-gathering twice by means of a convex lens allows the light to be evenly distributed on the LCD screen, without any spots or grid lines on the screen. That aside, it utilizes light more efficiently and will offer stronger light power. The followings are the tests we did from 3 different perspectives to give you more direct view:

1) The UV uniformity of the building area

For Mars 2 Pro details are perfectly presented throughout the build plate, for the original Mars details around the edge area may not so ideal.

2) The landing of the printing precision

For Mars 2 Pro precision perfectly presented throughout the full model but it may not be perfectly presented in a certain chance on the result from the original Mars.

3) The accuracy of the model print size

For Mars 2 Pro there is almost no inaccuracy in print size while model from the original Mars has an inaccuracy of ±0.15mm on the print size.

The User Experience Is Next Level Too!

First, compared to Mars, Mars 2 Pro has a slightly larger build volume: 12.9*8*16 cm

Regarding the Rotary Knob for the build plate, the Mars 2 Pro uses a CNC Machined Knob, while the Mars one is plastic. This design will make the build plate more durable.

Mars 2 Pro has a Linear Rail that leads to a steadier, smoother and also quieter Z-axis, other than Mars's guide rail.

The brand new UI on Mars 2 Pro supports 12 different languages (including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Japanese, Dutch, Korean, Russian & Chinese), now if you do not know English, you can still operate it easily.

Unlike Mars, Mars 2 Pro uses a special sandblasting craft on the surface of the build plate to provide stronger adsorption, reducing the risk of the model falling off during reprinting and improving the print success rate.

We also added 2 pieces of spare FEP along with the printer. What's more, you can still apply for additional free FEP through our Facebook promotion.

The resin tank equipped with Mars 2 Pro is a specially designed CNC metal tank while the Mars still carries the old design.

Based on long-term customer feedback, we have also moved the USB port from the rear of the machine to the front, making it more convenient for your daily printing operations.

Mars 2 Pro supports the .ctb file format exclusively in ChiTuBox. This file format can reduce the size of sliced files by up to 90% when slicing larger or more complex model files, saving storage space and, more importantly, providing a more stable printing process. The chance of printer errors or crashes increases when printing files that are too large. Mars is still using the old .cbddlp file format.

A Healthier Resin Printer?

We have listened to many of our customers' concerns about resin fumes (although it is usually harmless as long as you wear a good mask and keep the room ventilated) and insist on providing you with a safer and more reassuring user experience. We added an activated carbon filter and Silicon Rubber Seal to the Mars 2 Pro to filter out resin vapor, as shown below:

We also have some test results about the performance of the activated carbon filter for your reference. In the test, we let Mars and Mars 2 Pro sit in the same environment, respectively apply the air quality detector to test the air purification degree throughout the entire printing process. The 1st value on the detector represents the formaldehyde, and the TVOC below stands for Total Volatile Organic Compounds, which are any carbon-containing compounds involved in photochemical reactions in the atmosphere, apart from carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, carbonic acid, metal carbides, carbonates and ammonium carbonate. We mainly compare the TVOC values of the two. The lower the value, the better the air purification effect it is.

The begining:

2 hours later:

As you can see from the results, both are in line with EU standards already, but the TVOC indicator of Mars 2 Pro is much lower than that of Mars, which proves that the air purification system of Mars 2 Pro has a considerable effect.


The above is all the content of this guide, do you still have any doubts about ELEGOO Mars 2 Pro? If so, please just leave a message in our comments section and we will try our best to help you clear your confutions.

You can also watch our video series on YouTube here.

Mars 2 Pro is now available worldwide, click on the link here and you can choose to buy it on your country's Amazon site or order it directly from our Shopify store.

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