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Tutorial: Arduino Retro Snake Game

Tutorial: Arduino Retro Snake Game


ELEGOO UNO R3 Project Most Complete Starter Kit V2.0 is updated from the old version by great ideas from our customers. This is the most complete kit for Arduino starters, 100% compatible with all Arduino modules.

【Changes for Hardwares】We developed an in-line expansion version that can be applied to most of the modules in the kit: ELEGOO UNO ALL IN ONE Sensor Shield, which can simplify wiring and avoid mistakes. Also, 10 more female to female wires and some other small parts are added as well.

【Supplement for Old Tutorials】Basic C language grammar teaching has been added. Whenever new knowledge points are involved in the course, there will be a corresponding popularization. Improved FAQ, use a more convenient way to add a library for the common error of "lack of library". Added tutorial for building a development environment under Ubuntu.

【New courses】Many new projects are added in the course like Dice roll, Retro Snake, Memory Game, Bean Game, Alarm Clock, Time Recorder, Induction night light... which is quite fun and interesting. Everyone can learn electronics and programming while playing.

【Perfect gift】All parts are packaged in an attractive, convenient container. It’s a good choice and perfect gift for your friends, family or kids who are obsessed with electronics, programming or robotics to take their first steps on electronics journey!




You can learn how to make this Arduino based gadget step-by-step in the video below:


Download code and schematic of this project here:

And don't forget to share your makings with us on social networks.

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