Hello, guys. In order to make the improvements to Jupiter's design clear to everyone at a glance, here is a simple and clear organization of the relevant update posts on Kickstarter Jupiter Project. (This page will be continuously updated)

September 24, 2021: Humanized design updating notes

1. Jupiter has been configured with long lifespan of copper tube heat sinks, which are more efficient compared to ordinary heat sinks;

2. Redesigned LED lights for the Jupiter interior to ensure that the printer inside is evenly illuminated: You can see the model printing status without opening the door;

3. Designed doors with very good sound insulation;

4. The USB interface position has been put on the side front of the Jupiter body;

5. Redesigned a larger handle for the build plate makes it easier to take the build plate out;

6. A silicone gasket has been added to the bottom of the resin tank to ensure that the resin does not leak around.

September 30, 2021: Add the Ethernet port to ELEGOO Jupiter

We are promised to upgrade all Jupiter printers to those which come with an Ethernet port for free once we reach 5,000 Backers. (Yes, that successful)

Ethernet port: Instead of using a USB disk to copy and input print files, you're allowed to send files fast to your printer as long as the printer and PC are in the same LAN.

November 8, 2021: Angle of the door and samples production

1. The opening and closing angle of the door has been changed to 180 degrees when considering the Space Occupancy.

2. Production schedule follow-up

① The first small batch of Jupiter samples has been put into production, which are ready to be sent to KOLs for review so that we can collect more suggestions from customers.

② All orders from the Kickstarter campaign will be shipped on time as scheduled.