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ELEGOO Joins Forces with NYU Shanghai to Enhance Arts Education

ELEGOO Joins Forces with NYU Shanghai to Enhance Arts Education

Cultivating creativity in education and enhancing the learning experience with cutting-edge 3D printing technology

[Shanghai, China – September 7, 2023] ELEGOO, a fast-growing consumer-grade 3D printer and smart technology provider, today announced its collaboration with the Interactive Media Arts (IMA) program at New York University (NYU) Shanghai. The partnership involves ELEGOO sponsoring cutting-edge 3D printers to unlock the full creative potential of arts students.

Donation Ceremony between ELEGOO and NYU Shanghai

As part of the collaboration, ELEGOO donated six different models of 3D printers and essential accessories to the IMA program, providing students with access to advanced technology and infinite learning opportunities. "We are proud to support the development of NYU Shanghai's IMA program,” said Chris Hong, the Founder and CEO of ELEGOO, “We believe that technology and art go hand in hand, supporting and inspiring each other. We are excited to see how our products empower students to unleash their artistic inspiration.”


ELEGOO Unlocks New Potential with NYU Shanghai

ELEGOO’s 3D printers placing at the Fabrication Lab of NYU Shanghai


ELEGOO sponsored the latest resin printers from the Saturn and Mars series, along with the latest FDM printer from the Neptune collection for NYU Shanghai's IMA program. The donation also includes the Mercury Bundle washing device, filaments and resins, selected to meet students’ needs in creating fashion accessories, small decorations, and art pieces.

The ELEGOO printers are installed in the Fabrication Lab of NYU Shanghai, a creative space at the heart of the IMA program, fostering artistic innovation and technological exploration. “We deeply appreciate ELEGOO's support, and the collaboration has the potential to generate positive impact as we forge ahead with arts and technology,” said Undergraduate Coordinator and Assistant Arts Professor of IMA, Marcela Goody, “We look forward to applying ELEGOO's products in future teaching and artistic creation, and seeing how they will make the creation process more efficient and exciting for the students.”


ELEGOO Provides Comprehensive Support for STEM Education

Beyond its partnership with NYU Shanghai, ELEGOO has an impressive history of sponsoring educational institutions and makerspaces. By providing 3D printing materials and equipment, ELEGOO enables creators to fabricate components for competitions and exhibitions.

Recently, ELEGOO sponsored the Concordia University Formula EV Racing Team in Canada, assisting students in manufacturing components for their EV car to compete internationally. The Neptune 3 Pro 3D printer’s advanced features, including a dual-gear direct extruder, auto bed leveling and magnetic PEI sheet, empowered the students to bring their design concepts to life with speed and precision, optimizing the car’s performance efficiently.

ELEGOO’s commitment to nurturing the younger generation continues with support for the Firenze Race Team, the official racing team of the University of Florence, and the Lenoir-Rhyne Rocketry Team, in association with Ballooning, Engineering, And Rocketry (BEAR) Club. The sponsorship includes the Neptune 3 Pro FDM 3D printer and MARS 2 Pro 3D printer, encouraging students to explore engineering, physics, and aviation.

The Concordia University Formula EV Racing Team with ELEGOO’s Neptune 3 Pro 3D Printer


Recognizing the limited practical learning experience in additive manufacturing, ELEGOO donated a Neptune 3 Pro 3D printer to the Energy Resource Center, a non-profit organization affiliated with the University of Illinois Chicago. This sponsorship provides an invaluable extracurricular opportunity for students to engage in 3D printing and ignite their passion to pursue manufacturing careers. As a steadfast advocate of innovation and education, ELEGOO remains dedicated to empowering students worldwide and fostering a passion for exploration in various disciplines.

The Energy Resource Center Affiliated with The University of Illinois Chicago with ELEGOO’s Neptune 3 Pro 3D Printer


ELEGOO is taking its commitment to fostering innovation and creativity to new heights by supporting the maker community with advanced 3D printers. The brand recently sponsored the Makerspace of Greenville, a non-profit group in the USA, by providing them a Mars 2 Pro resin 3D printer. This sponsorship empowers the next generation of makers to expand their 3D printing capabilities. The Makerspace of Greenville aims to re-engage youth as active learners by promoting artistic and engineering pursuits through non-traditional educational initiatives. ELEGOO’s contribution of the Mars 2 Pro Resin Printer plays a vital role in transforming the Makerspace of Greenville into a cornerstone of the new “Innovative Economy”. 

ELEGOO’s Neptune 2S FDM 3D Printer in Appleton Makerspace


ELEGOO’s sponsorship of the Neptune 2S FDM 3D printer for the Appleton Makerspace in the USA supports STEM and DIY enthusiasts. Beyond media and arts, ELEGOO’s 3D printers are used extensively in applications in science, engineering, and mathematics. These sponsorships reflect not only the value of the output created by students but also ELEGOO’s belief in the potential of the younger generation.

ELEGOO Empowers the Growth of the Future of Education
As a brand committed to fostering innovation and supporting the maker community and STEM education, ELEGOO continues to empower the growth of future education worldwide. With industry-leading capabilities in 3D printing, ELEGOO is dedicated to helping makers, innovators, and students turn their ideas into reality, solidifying its commitment to the maker community and STEM education.



Founded in 2015, ELEGOO is a rapidly developing brand in the global smart manufacturing industry, specializing in R&D, manufacturing, and sales of consumer grade 3D printers, laser engravers, STEM kits, and other smart technology products. Located in Shenzhen, the Silicon Valley of China, the company has sold millions of products to more than 70 countries and regions. In the year 2022, the company's total sales revenue has exceeded USD 118 million, with over 500 employees and nearly 25,000 square meters of office and production land. With a focus on programming and 3D printing technology, ELEGOO provides unique and smart creation spaces for diverse consumers to enhance personalized experiences.

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