RAPID PETG Filament 1.75mm Colored 1KG

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Color: White

High-Speed Printing】Unlock the potential of rapid printing with ELEGOO RAPID PETG filament, as it supports high-speed printing of up to 600mm/s, allowing you to increase your productivity and efficiency.

Easy to Print】Our RAPID PETG filament is engineered for ease of printing. With excellent flow characteristics and low warping, shrinkage, and deformation, it reduces potential print distortion and warping.

Increased Rigidity】Our RAPID PETG filament boasts increased rigidity, making it ideal for structural prints that require added strength and stability, with good structural integrity.

±0.02mm Dimensional Accuracy】Our RAPID PETG filament features a dimensional accuracy of ±0.02mm, ensuring your prints have remarkable accuracy and consistency.

Less-Tangle & Neatly Wound】All filaments are fully mechanically wound on eco-friendly cardboard spools and undergo strict manual inspection to prevent tangles and knots for consistent performance.

No Clogging & No Bubbles】Each spool is thoroughly dried before packing and vacuum-sealed with desiccants to protect the filament from dust and moisture, minimizing the risk of clogging or bubbles.


Compatible with most FDM 3D printers on the market.


1 kg/spool (2.2 lbs), 1kg/set

Filament Ring

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Function: Reduce the possibility of delamination caused by moisture and friction on the treatment tray, and adapt to AMS (because AMS will rub the bottom paper tray, causing the paper tray to easily delaminate)
Tips: 1. It is recommended using PETG for printing
2.Change X-Y hole and contour compensation to 0.1 if it is too tight

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Color: White