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Grab the Money Saving Project for PLA and Resin Now!

Grab the Money Saving Project for PLA and Resin Now!

As far as we know, the consumption of filaments by 3d printing community members is increasing and so is the cost.
Our team wants to help reduce the filament cost and burdens on our customers so that they can focus on doing what matters: creating. We believe a reduction in filament cost will also help consumers to reduce the cost of 3d printing. In order to do this, we have the Money Saving Project.

What's the Money Saving Project?

Money Saving Project allows you to buy PLA or resin in bulk at a very low price. By doing so, we are able to manufacture and ship materials in bulk at a reduced cost. As soon as the materials arrive at local warehouses, we will dispatch from there and ship them in bulk to your address, reducing stocking fees and minimizing risks. Overall this method could process manufacturing and shipping on a large scale and reduce costs from the root so customers can enjoy the best price. Also more filament and resin will be added to the product list soon! Stay tuned!
Regarding the delivery, it usually takes about 90 days, depending on the location. We will pass all the order information to the manufacturing dept and ship to overseas after the QC procedure.

UPDATE: From April 6th, estimated delivery time for PLA  was shortened to 60 days!Let's save now! 

We hope this effort of ours will bring some convenience to everyone's 3D printing life. Hope everyone will continue to experience the joy that 3D printing brings.💝


Check the table to see how much you can save:


Original Price

Money Saving Project 


ELEGOO PLA Filament - Black-10kg (1kg/Spool)



33% OFF

ELEGOO PLA Filament - 4 Colors-10kg (1kg/Spool)



27% OFF

ELEGOO Standard Resin V2.0 - Grey-10kg (1kg/Bottle)



50% OFF

ELEGOO ABS-like Photopolymer Resin V2.0 - Grey-10kg (1kg/Bottle)



38% OFF

ELEGOO Water Washable Rapid Resin V2.0 - Grey-10kg (1kg/Bottle)



29% OFF

Last but not least, ensuring that our customers receive the best possible service is always our purpose. Please feel free to reach out to us when any difficulties or concerns using our products. And we're always open to suggestions on ways we could improve.
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