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🔥 #ELEGOODAY Giveaway 🔥 #TransformNow

🔥 #ELEGOODAY Giveaway 🔥 #TransformNow

🎉Want a chance to win the #ELEGOOSaturn3Ultra #3Dprinter? 🎉Join us as we celebrate our 5-year journey by embracing the power to transform, innovate, and create for #ELEGOODay

Here's how to enter the giveaway:

Option 1:
✅ Like the ELEGOO page.
✅ Like this post and comment on it with #ELEGOODay #TransformNow,sharing what you want to create with a 3D printer and why!

Option 2: (For a higher chance to win the prize!) 🏆 
Showcase your ideas by drawing a draft.
Share it with us by posting it on Insta, using #ELEGOODay #TransformNow 

Choose one option to join, and you will also grab chances to win PLA rolls/ Resin bottles! 

⏰ Winners will be announced in late September.

♥️ Start creating and enter now! Best of luck to all participants! 🎨✨

Campaign Background

Five years ago, on September 5th, 2018, ELEGOO developed our first prototype of a light-curing printer, which later became known as the groundbreaking #ELEGOOMars LCD 3D printer. Since then, our mission has been to make technology accessible to all, igniting creativity and innovation. As we commemorate our journey, join us in embracing the power to transform, innovate, and create.
Introducing this year's #ELEGOODay giveaway: #TransformNow. With the unwavering support of the ELEGOO community, we’re grateful to celebrate this milestone. Stay tuned for exciting updates and don’t miss out on the chance to win big with ELEGOO!

Keep an eye out on our social media channels for more details!!!


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