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ELEGOO Established Sponsorship with Orthodontist Dr. Luke Shapiro

ELEGOO Established Sponsorship with Orthodontist Dr. Luke Shapiro

Why 3d printers are needed in dental? 馃Ψ

The use of 3D printers in dental studios has led to more efficient, accurate, and customized solutions, enabling dentists to better meet the individual needs of patients by designing and printing dental models to fit. And at no time does the doctor have to worry about losing a mold: If it's damaged or lost, just reprint one.

Happy that we have established a partnership with Orthodontist Dr. Luke Shapiro and hope that the ELEGOO Saturn 3 Ultra LCD 3d printer will help provide patients with more comfortable and better-fitting treatment options in the future.馃檶

Video thanks: Dr. Luke Shapiro - Click here to watch!

About Orthodontist Dr. Luke Shapiro

Dr. Shapiro was involved in research, receiving a grant from the New York Academy of Dentistry to study the accuracy of precision of 3D surface scanning systems. He also worked on research about 3D Mechanical Stimulation. Dr. Shapiro is also very involved with social media and dental content creation. His work was featured in industry media Group Dentistry Now, talking about the benefits of 3D printing in dentistry.

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