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Top 10 Highest Resolution 3d Printers: A Full Buying Guide in 2021

Top 10 Highest Resolution 3d Printers: A Full Buying Guide in 2021

Top 10 Highest Resolution 3d Printers: A Full Buying Guide in 2021

3 different 3D printers

When it comes to using 3d printers, different aspects determine the outcome you’ll be working with. One of these is the resolution that comes with your chosen 3d printer. Working with a high resolution is essential to ensure that your desired outcome is of great quality and that it satisfies your desires. With resolution, you’ll be working with three different aspects.

They are X, Y, and z resolutions which feature different applications when in use. The Z resolution is featured in the outcome of the height of a printed part while the x and y resolutions mainly apply in the 2D parts of the 3d print. To get the best 3d prints you need to ensure that you invest in quality printers that feature the highest resolution, especially on the Z-axis. In this article, we’ll be covering the different 3d printer brands to consider and why you should invest in 3d printing. 

Why Using a High-Resolution 3D Printer is Essential

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3d printing is slowly gaining momentum and being applied in different aspects of our lives and businesses. Being able to print a complex object and get the exact build is an amazing advancement. However, for this to happen, you need to invest in a quality 3d printer that will allow you to get the right outcome. The outcome of your 3d print object is greatly determined by the resolution you’ll be working with.

Investing in a high-resolution 3d printer will help you achieve those complex object prints with ease. Additionally, you’ll enjoy quality results with smoother surfaces and better and more intricate finishes. High resolution will result in a more detailed build that is more aesthetically pleasing. Choosing the right 3d printer will have a great impact on the final look and impact the details featured in the final build. With this in mind, finding the right 3d printer brands to work with is essential.

10 Brands to Consider for High-Resolution 3D Printers

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There are different 3d printer brands out there that you can consider working with. The key is to find brands that feature high-resolution 3d printers that will offer you the best quality in results. For this, here are a few brands for you to consider working with. 


elegoo icon

Established in 2015, Elegoo has continued to provide quality 3d printer options to different industries with high-quality results. They specialize in providing practical kits of electronic and structural tools for different user applications. They pride themselves in providing cutting-edge, user-friendly, and quality 3d printers that are quite affordable.

They offer different printer options featuring two printer series. The two series are the Mars LCD and Saturn LCD printer series. These 3d printers are made with the highest resolution in mind. Their most popular product being the Elegoo Mars 2 pro printers that revolutionized the 3d printing world for different users at a significantly low cost. The printers are made with the highest resolutions and designed to feature intricate details on all printed products. The printer is made with sturdiness and great structure in mind to ensure they can provide the best service. 


Ultimaker icon

Founded in 2010, this brand works to provide quality 3d printers with a clear and defined system for all their processes. They are mainly focused on creating different 3d printers improving their abilities with each build. They however also feature some software sales on their web page. When it comes to the different printers available from this brand, you are spoilt for choice.

They have a variety of options for you to consider depending on what you want to achieve. One of their most-used printers is the Ultimaker S3 that is a smaller and more compact option to their S5. It features all the important aspects found on the S5 printer and is preferred by most users. This printer is well equipped and can achieve 20-micron layer heights. When it comes to working with this, you’ll be dealing with a slower session in terms of the time it takes to print the desired product. However, you’ll enjoy a quality outcome on all the products printed with this printer. This makes it a great option to consider. 


formlabs icon

Formlabs is a company that provides 3d printers for applications in different industries. They also feature different materials and software that you can take advantage of. They pride themselves in creating quality 3d printers that feature high resolutions to ensure that all their users are satisfied. Their 3d printers are designed with the best materials in the market and integrated with quality software to allow for accurate 3d printing.

Their most preferred 3d printer is the Formlabs form 3. These printers are designed to provide incredible, accurate, and smooth prints on all the designs. They are designed with an XY resolution of 25microns that results in more intricate and precise print designs. They utilize new and improved technology that helps improve the resin part finish which in turn results in better-looking printed products. When looking to work with this brand, their Formlabs form 3 printer is the best option for you to consider. You’ll get the best and highest resolution for your designs and ensure that they are made with intricate detail. 

Prusa 3D

Prusa icon

Since 2012, the Prusa 3D printing company has continued to provide quality options in the printing market designed to realize the different desires of their users. They work to ensure that they provide the best 3d printers in the market with a clear objective in ensuring they include the highest resolutions on their products. This has allowed them to create a trusted brand among different businesses in various industries. They have developed their company with more than 600 employees working on the different products and also shipping their products around the world.

This company features four different printers with the Prusa i3 MK3S being their most preferred and used by people in different industries. This printer features the ability to print a 50-micron layer height with accuracy and also ease. It does this over and over again without fail making it a reliable printer to consider working with. The best thing about this is the fact that it is compatible with different materials. This makes it a great option especially if you plan to work on different printed products that will require the use of different materials. This company packages their products in kits t give you the best experience and equip you for the different projects you’ll be taking on. 


creality icon

Founded in 2014, this 3d printer manufacturing brand has worked to provide the best options in the market. This has allowed them to capture the attention of different clients. It has allowed them to work in different industries supplying their printers. They have different printer options that are categorized into 3 series which are Ender, CR, and CP series. This means that you’ll have a variety of options to choose from depending on the specific features you are looking for. Their most used printer is the Ender 3 which comes at a low cost and still offers quality results in implementation. With this printer, you’ll have to assemble it yourself to start using it. This may be a bit off-putting to newbies and less tech-savvy individuals. However, once the printer is assembled, it offers the best service and convenience. 


monoprice icon

Established in 2002, this company has grown to service people from around the world in different industries with varied needs. They specialize in creating quality electronic products for all their customers. One of their products being quality 3d printers that are well known for their high resolution. Their best 3d printer is Monoprice MP Voxel that is well priced for beginners looking to double into 3d printing. Given the price, most people may be skeptical and think that it lacks useful features. However, this is not the case seeing as they are well designed and feature accuracy in their implementation. 


Dremel icon


This company deals with different products including quality 3d printers that you can take advantage of. Dremel has gained a name for itself and is known for creating 3D printers, especially for educational purposes. This one is again one more addition to the list. One can also use the printer for professional applications given its capability to print with high precision. They feature printers equipped with a flexible removable build plate, a 30% higher speed than the predecessor, the capability to print with a maximum resolution of 50 microns, remote monitoring, and WIFI connectivity among others. These printers will offer a high resolution that you can rely on and implement with ease. 


flashforge icon

Established in 2011, Flashforge works to ensure that they provide amazing 3d printer options for different applications. They have grown over the years and have been providing printers that feature a very high resolution to ensure that you get the best results. One of their best 3d printers is the flash forge finder. It works great with beginners since it is easy to use and offers great flexibility to the user. The print quality is highly recognizable. The reliable machine offers many high-end features and can be very well included in the list of high-resolution 3D printers. If you are looking for an affordable 3d printer to get you started, this is a good option to consider. 


lulzbot icon

Founded in 2011, Lulzbot has dedicated its resources to provide quality to its customers in different parts of the world. They are well known for their range of 3d printers that provide great features and high resolution. The most recognized is the Lulzbot mini 2 which boasts several improvements in its hardware selection. This includes Easy RAMBo electronics along with Trinamic 2130 stepper motor drivers. This greatly helps in making the printer noiseless when operating. The printer is well designed and accurate when it comes to printing amazing 3d models. 


makerbot icon

Founded in 2009, the Makerbot company introduced itself into the market with the CNC Cupcake 3d printer. Over the years, they have developed systems that have allowed them to work on creating quality printers. With the printers found in this company, you can be sure that your resolution will be at its pick. Take your time to sort through the options and find one that fits your needs. 


There are different 3d printer brands to consider especially when you are in the market for high-resolution options. Take your time to find the best high-resolution 3d printer brand and work on getting printers that will meet your needs. Do your research and take your time during this process. Once you have your chosen printer, you can easily work on the numerous projects you have. 

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