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ELEGOO PHECDA: Frequently Asked Questions - Updated on 6/29/2023

ELEGOO PHECDA: Frequently Asked Questions - Updated on 6/29/2023

Time, Price, Shipping Scope

1. Online time and duration:

Starts on April 8 at 2 PM UTC, lasts 45 days, and ends on May 24 at 2 PM UTC.

2. Pledge on Kickstarter:

3. The price of all packages and Adds-on Price list:

Note: Shipping Time refers to the time when the product is ready to be shipped out of the factory warehouse and handed over to the forwarder, not the delivery time.

4. What's the Phecda Shipping Scope?

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom, United States

Note: Except for Switzerland and Norway, all other supported countries and regions are FREE SHIPPING & TAX

Order Process and Payment Method

5. How to order a Phecda on Kickstarter (steps)?

Create a Kickstarter account (if already have an account please ignore directly log in)

Start to support (purchase) - after Phecda is released

    ①Enter the Phecda page:     

    (the current crowdfunding status of the product will be displayed on the right)

    ② Scroll down the page to introduce the product in detail. On the right side of the page, there is the corresponding crowdfunding package, which contains the corresponding support amount, product, delivery date, delivery scope, etc.

    ③Select the package, a small box will appear, first select the country you want to ship to at the bottom

    ④Then the bottom directly shows the pledge amount of the package, then click the green button to enter the next step

    ⑤Enter the Configure reward page, there is some ADD-ONS optionals to add, if you need to add please click the green "Add" button and choose the quantity(if not required please ignore it), then by clicking the green "Continue" button to enter the next step

    ⑥Fill in the credit card information and address

    (Credit card information includes card number, credit card expiration date MM/YY, CVC 3-digit security verification code, and address only need to fill in the country and zip code.)

    (The detailed address is required after the crowdfunding is successful, we will follow up)

    ⑦After filling in, tick the read accountability, then click the “Pledge” button at the bottom to confirm the payment. Entering the next page, a big Woo-hoo appears! Congratulations, it's successful~ You are just waiting for the success of the crowdfunding project. A reminder that pledges are only charged at the end of a successful project campaign.

    6. What forms of payment can I use to make a pledge on Kickstarter?

    To pledge to a project you can use a debit or credit card associated with Visa, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, UnionPay, or American Express. At this time, Discover, UnionPay, and JCB cards are only accepted for US-based projects. Kickstarter does not currently accept Maestro or Visa Electron cards.

    If you will be using a prepaid credit card, please make sure that the card has a value of at least 1 USD (or the similar equivalent in your local currency, e.g. 1 GBP) more than the amount of your pledge. This will help to reduce the chance of any issues collecting your pledge.

    It is not possible to split a pledge across multiple transactions. If your card has a daily limit, we’d recommend contacting the card issuer to determine whether it’s possible to get approval for a particular transaction. Alternatively, you could try using a different card, such as a prepaid card.

    7. Can I pledge with PayPal?

    Kickstarter does not currently support PayPal as a payment or account set up method. To pledge towards a project on Kickstarter, backers will need to use a valid debit or credit card. But backers can use the PayPal Debit card on Kickstarter. But at that point, it's just another debit card, which is the only way PayPal works on Kickstarter.

    8. When is my card charged?

    If the project you’re backing is successfully funded, your card will be charged when the project reaches its funding deadline. If the project ends but it hasn’t reached its funding goal, your card will never be charged.

    Shipping Time

    9. How long would you expect until units start to ship out?

    Shipping Time: Refers to the time when the product is ready to be shipped out of the China warehouse and handed over to the forwarder, not the delivery time.

    Delivery Time: Usually, it takes 45-60 days in transit after being shipped from the factory.

    About Other Questions

    10. Each people can only get one pack?

    Each account can only support once, but we have Kickstarter Special ⑤ and Kickstarter Special ⑥ to buy two at a time (same 40% Off).

    11. Does the price cover the shipping fee?

    Yes, the shipping fee is included in the price.

    12. Does the price cover the customs and VAT tax?

    Except for Switzerland and Norway, all other supported countries and regions include tax.

    13. Can I buy accessories individually in this crowdfunding campaign?

    Yes, we provide add-on accessories, Filter Cartridge, Rotary Attachment, Honeycomb Working panel, and air assist kit, they can all be purchased in adds-on.

    14. How can I get the invoice for the machine?

    If you need an invoice, please contact us at to issue it for you after KS crowdfunding is completed, probably after June 15th.

    15. When will the Phecda machine be available on Amazon?

    After the crowdfunding is over, the product will resume its original price and continue to be pre-order on the ELEGOO official website. But Amazon's sale time is temporarily uncertain.

    About Phecda Machine:

    16. What is the material of Phecda?

    Aluminum alloy (Frame and adjustable riser)

    17. What is the weight of Phecda?

    10w -- 6.5kg; 20w -- 6.7kg

    18. What is the housing size of the machine?


    19. What is the rated voltage of Phecda? 

    100-240V 50/60Hz

    20. What's the difference between the Phecda 10W and 20W?

    21. Is a Smoke Filtering Exhaust included in the Phecda kit?

    Yes. Smoke Filtering Exhaust is standard, and every Phecda comes with one when it leaves the factory. For additional replacement Filter Cartridge, please consider ordering a non-early bird package.

    22. Is a Rotary Axis Module included in the Phecda kit?

    No, but the rotary axis module is available as an add-on, included in Kickstarter Special③ and Kickstarter Special④.

    23. Is a Honeycomb Working Panel included in each Phecda kit?

    No, but the Honeycomb Working Panel is available as an add-on, included in Kickstarter Special③ and Kickstarter Special④.

    24. Does it support WiFi connection function? 

    You can use the APP to remotely control the operation of the engraving machine (Note: The mobile phone and the machine must be in the same wireless LAN).

    25. Which parts are included in the Phecda Kit?

    Phecda machine, Nuts, TF Card, Card Reader, Adapter, USB Cable, Wrench Tools, Adjustable Risers, Engraving Material, and Safety Goggles.

    26. Is Air assist set included?

    No,  but it is available as an add-on. (Air Assist is a tool that can be added to the machine. )

    27. How many materials can the Phecda cut and engrave?

    Regarding the material, it can engrave on bamboo, wood, leather, tile, etc. And metal with coating like stainless steel, aluminum, etc.

    28. What software does Phecda support?

    LightBurn (paid), LaserGRBL (free), GrblController

    29. Can the Phecda engrave on acrylic?

    Transparent acrylic materials are not allowed (PHECDA is a semiconductor blue laser machine with a wavelength of 455±5nm. Transparent acrylic will completely transmit the laser of this wavelength and cannot be processed)

    30. What max diameter that the Rotary attachment can engrave?


    31. What kind of laser engraver?

    Semiconductor diode

    32. What's the maximum engraving speed?

    X axis: 25000mm/min, Y axis: 18000mm/min

    33. What's the maximum engraving depth?


    34. What are the cutting dimensions?


    35. The new Phecda laser engraver is 10w consumption or 10w power?

    10w refers to the output power of the laser, not the power of the machine itself.

    36. Will there be a plan to upgrade (larger) the engraving area in the future?

    We will let you know once there is an upgrade plan.

    37. What are the safety features of the machine?

    Phecda has a tilt detection module when the machine tilt angle is ≥15°, it will promptly stop engraving/cutting work and alarm the user, and there is a flame detection module to detect whether it is burning, and if the flame lasts for two seconds, it will trigger an alarm and automatically stop engraving/cutting work. However, we strongly recommend that the user always stays near the machine while cutting and engraving.

    To learn more please check here

    38. What is the warranty period of the machine?


     Update: FQAs on Kickstarter

    1. How long filters lasts?

    We recommend changing them every 3 months, depending on the actual frequency of use.

    2. How long the laser head lasts?

    It's depends on the frequency of use, and our warranty is one year.

    3. What's the price of the laser head?

    We haven't decided on the price yet. But we will try our best to make it affordable for you.

    4. Will the Phecda machine and separately purchased accessories be shipped together or separately?

    They will be shipped separately in different packages.

    5. Phecda may feasibly be stored upright on the side? 

    When not in use, Phecda can be placed on the side, and the next time you use it, you don’t need to calibrate it, just use it directly. (Calibration is only required when the material or thickness changes, that is, marking perimeter)

    6. Will it be user-upgradable? Can we buy the 10w then later upgrade to 20w head? 

    It can be upgraded. And you can buy the 10w and then later upgrade to 20w head. But it doesn't allow 40w for the time being.

    7. How do you adjust laser head height?

    There is a fixing screw on the laser head, which can be adjusted up and down after loosening

    8. Is there a way that I could cut clear plexi glass (acrylic) with the phecda?

    You cannot cut or engrave the clear plexi glass with Phecda. But you can engrave dark acrylic.

    9. What exactly is the air assist module?

    Air Assist is a tool that helps clean the lens of the laser clean and also makes for cleaner cuts. To learn more please check here

    10. What are the benefits of using air assist?

    Lessen particles from spoiling the laser focus and charring of the workpiece; Blows away loose material, basically keeps the material from being worked on from charring/igniting leading to cleaner cuts and etching. Which will improve the laser quality, and cut is faster and optically better. To learn more please check here

    11. What are the benefits of the Working Mat (honeycomb panel) add-ons?

    The honeycomb panel can be used to place the materials to be processed, protecting your desk and improving your creation. To learn more please check here

    12. What is the spot shape and size of Phecda laser?

    The 10w laser spot is 0.06*0.06(square); the 20w laser spot is 0.07*0.13(rectangle).

    13. What are the differences between the 10w and 20w laser spot sizes when the machine is used in practice?

    Both 10W and 20W light spots are very high precision. In use, we can’t see the difference with the naked eye. But the 20W light power is higher and can be carved deeper.

    14. Does have an enclosure/case for the machine?

    The Phceda has no case/enclosure attached. But you can add and order it on Add-ons if you need. (SIZE:  780mm x 780mm x 410mm) 

    To learn more please check here

    15. Do I need extra adjustable risers for Phecda machine?

    It depends on your engraving needs. Each Phecda will come with 4 extra 50mm risers. Don't worry! But if you want higher when engraving on thicker objects, it's always a decent choice to get more risers.

    16. What is the difference between the riser add-on and the ones that come with the phecda?

    The only one difference in quantity. Only 4 extra risers are included come with the Phecda kit, but there are 8 risers included in the add-ons. 

    17. Can different brands of rotary attachments be used with the laser?

    Your own rotary attachment can work as long as it can fit with the interface: XH2.54*4pin

    18. Do the rollers of the rotary attachment always center the cylindrical piece being cut within the framework of the rotary attachment body?

    The rotary attachment will always keep the cylindrical workpiece rotating inside the attachment. To learn more about rotary attachment please check here

    19. Does the rotary attachment index in real-time with the laser engraver in order to ensure proper scale and appearance of what's being engraved?

    The engraved pattern on the engraving piece will be the same as the pattern set in the software (size and color).

    20. Is there a whole separate subprogram page within the software for engraving on round parts that displays a layout preview screen?

    There is no pattern preview function in the software yet, but you can see the real-time engraving progress on the machine, App(connected to the machine) or computer software.

    21. Where can I find the add-ons?

    Go to Manage your Pledge, select your base pledge, and the next screen is the add-ons. Please check the detailed steps here: Add add-ons for pledge

    22. How many diodes are actually in the 10 and 20 Watt Laser head?

    20W laser head has 4 diodes, 10W laser head has 2 diodes.

    23. What is the lifetime of 10W and 20W laser diodes?

    The life span of the 10W & 20W laser diode is about 10000 hours (WorKing Time).

    24. What the belts on the Y axis are made of?

    The belt is made of rubber + nylon cloth + glass fiber.

    25. How often do the belts on the Y-axis need to be tensioned or changed?

    The belt does not need to be replaced if it is not severely worn or broken. It is necessary to check the tightness of the belt regularly, the tightness is moderate and elastic, but not too tight.

    26. Is it a single motor driving the Y-axis?

    Yes, a single motor.

    27. How does Phecda readjust if one end of the Y-axis is hit?

    If it hits the frame/Y axis during edge patrol, you need to re-locate the origin through the software or the display screen interface, and then perform edge patrol to find a suitable engraving position.

    28. Are there limit switches used to set the home position?

    There is no limit switch, we locate the current position as the origin through the software or the display interface, not through the limit switch.

    29. Will the Phecda be compatible with third party rotary chuck options?

    Yes, it is compatible with third party rotary chuck options, there is a chuck option in the firmware.(Pulse may need to be adjusted in slicer software settings)

    30. Can the casing of the laser head be easily removed for the cleaning and servicing of the fans/heatsink fins?

    Yes, the laser head can be easily disassembled, but do not disassemble it unless necessary, especially do not remove the laser core. When cleaning, you only need to clean the heat sink around the core.

    31. What's the spacing for the legs?

    The distance between the left and right legs is about 67.3cm; the distance between the front and rear legs is about 54cm, the thickness of the main body of the machine frame is about 7cm (this data comes from the manual measurement of the prototype, The leg spacing data here includes the diameter of the two legs themselves).

    32. How does the laser head move when cutting material?

    When cutting, the laser head moves according to the path set by the software, not in parallel.

    33. How the rotary attachment connect to the engraver?

    The rotary attachment is connected to the Y-axis wiring port of the main board of the Phecda.

    34. Is the rotary tool synchronized with the laser or is it just continuous spinning?

    It will synchronize with the laser.

    35. What powers the rotary attachment?

    The motors inside the rotary tool will drive them.

    36. Is an aluminum plate part of the honeycomb working panel?

    Yes, the aluminum sheet is included in the Honeycomb working panel package. (The thickness of the aluminum sheet is 0.5mm)

    37. How about X-Y positioning the material?

    Phecda adopts laser patrol for XY axis positioning, please check this short video:

    38. What wave length is the laser?

    Blue laser with a wavelength of 455±5.

    39. What is the design structure of Phecda's guide rail?

    The design structure of profile + V wheels.

    40. How to center the pattern on the engraved materials?

    To accurately find the center position, first find the center position of the engraved object (mark it), then set the center of the pattern as the current position in the LightBurn software, and then turn on the laser beam (adjust the power by 0.5%) to turn the laser beam Align with the center position on your engraved object.

    41. How much smoke does this machine produce when cutting wood?

    The amount of smoke produced is affected by several factors, such as the power of the laser used and the material of the wood. It is recommended to use the engraving machine in a ventilated environment. Opening the window for ventilation and the smoke filter device of the machine can all play an effective role.

    42. Does the gantry shield provide any eye protection from the blue laser?

    The gantry protective cover is orange-yellow, which can play a certain role in shading and has a certain degree of protection, but it is necessary to wear goggles when performing laser engraving operations.

    43. Can copper be engraved?

    No, it can't. Phecda is a diode laser machine, the ideal choice for engraving bare metal should be a fiber laser machine, such as engraving brass, copper, etc.

    44. What app is used on mobile phones?

    The app is MKSLaser.

    45. Can we cut through foamcore for boardgame inserts? 

    The foam in the middle of this kind of material is particularly prone to heat shrinkage, and the cutting effect is not particularly ideal. If you want to cut it, it is recommended to use a small piece of material to test in advance to find the ideal cutting power.

    46. Is the laser continuous or pulsed?

    It's pulsed.

    47. Any suggestions for goggles?

    The protective effect is best when using protective glasses that can shield light with a wavelength of around 455nm.

    48. Can Phecta produce colors on stainless steel?

    After the test and verification by our R&D test engineer, compared the color engraving results of Phecda 10w and 20w on stainless steel, the 20W will have a good effect, but the 10W will not be so obvious. It is worth noting that if the engraved stainless steel board is too thin, it will be easily deformed and affect the engraving result! (Specific color engraving suggested parameters to be further tested)

    49. What is the lens diameter of the 20W/10W laser?

    The diameter of the focusing mirror and window mirror is 10mm, and the diameter of the laser head is 16mm.

    50. Will the motherboard have spare I/O pins to add additional items such as limit switches or led lights etc? If yes, what are voltage and current ratings? 

    There is a reserved 24V port on the motherboard of Phecda. If you want to add a limit switch yourself, you must pay attention to the correct wiring to avoid damaging the main control board. However, adding external parts such as LED lights may cause the power to exceed the maximum power adapter that can be provided, resulting in abnormal engraving (10W adapter is 24V/2.5A, 20W adapter is 24V/4A).

    51. Can I use this on fabric?

    Working on fabric is more suitable with a CO2 laser engraver, but the Phecda, being a diode laser engraver, can work on leather.

    52. If there will be no limit switches on Phecda, how is it expected to get home and repeatible positions in different engraving/cut processes? how can I repeat the same starting point of an engraving if the previous one end in a different position? 

    Phecda supports locating the origin through the software or the display interface. After the each engraving is completed, the laser head will return to the position where the engraving started. This position is not the starting point of engraving, but the origin position of positioning. (See this video that explains how you work with a machine without limit switches and lightburn:

    53. What needs to be changed when the 10w laser head is upgraded to 20w?

    10W laser upgrade to 20W laser needs to replace the power adapter.

    54. Can third party laser heads be used if mounting brackets are made?

    No, due to the different connection methods of lasers, including differences in wire, structure, and power parameters, this machine cannot use third-party laser heads, and for safety reasons, it does not support refitting engraving machines, which is dangerous. At any time, safety comes first. Thank you for your understanding.

    55. What are the functions of an enclosure?

    An enclosure has three main functions, 1. Fire Mitigation 2. Stray Laser light (blocking or reduction wrt windows) 3. Fume capture and discharge with a bit of sound proofing.

    56. Does the enclosure on Add-ons have mounting for an extractor fan?

    There is a hole on the enclosure for a ventilation setup by yourself.

    57. Does the enclosure on Add-ons fold or does it need to be disassembled?

    This is a foldable enclosure without a base.

    58. Can you use the lazer in the enclosure without glasses on?

    No, Users still need to wear goggles to protect their eyes even using the enclosure. It will offer an extra layer of protection for eyes while engraving or cutting, but not all, so the goggles are needed when using.

    59. Does the kickstart campaign allow for shipping address changes?

    After we complete the address collection and before delivery, we will not lock the permission to change the address. You can still log in to your account to modify the address, and we will also receive reminders, or if you want to complete it through the staff, please feel free to contact us with your backer number, and we will provide help in time (

    60. What's more about the air assist for Phecda?

    Hello. The air assist does not need to be connected to the laser engraving machine, it is powered by AC alone and can be directly plugged into the power socket for use. There is a switch on its air pump to control the airflow, and the flow can only be controlled through this switch.
    PVC hose, environmentally friendly, inner diameter is 4mm, outer diameter is 6mm.

    61. Will Phecda accessories ship with the machine?

    The accessories included in the Reward packages will appear in the same box with the machine, and other accessories purchased separately through Add-ons will be shipped separately after that. (But the air assist will be shipped out with the 20w Phecda machine if backers added it).



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