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ELEGOO Mars 2 : How to make an exhauster?

ELEGOO Mars 2 : How to make an exhauster?

Hello guys, do you want to make an exhauster for your Mars 2 Mono LCD MSLA Resin 3D Printer?

Here is a video tutorial by our ELEGOO structural engineer Martian Wong, which may help you.

The Exhauster assembly tutorial: 

① Installed a 12V fan with spec 5020.
② Assemble the pipe adapter coupling.
③ Fix it using the Metal Tapping Screws. (M3*12 4PCS)
④ Check if it is assembled with success.
⑤ Install the switch. (KCD115*21mm Mini Black 4 pin two-position toggle switch)
⑥ Install the DC Jack. (5.5mm*2.5mm)
⑦ Prepare a 7cm power line, then soldering the power line.
⑧ Solder the power line to the switch and DC Jack.
⑨ Cut the useless line off, install the Dust prevention.
⑩ Tighten the screws to fix the back cover.

Finally, test the fan, add the pipe then fix it. Then Link the printer to the exhauster using the DC power cable splitter one male to two female (5.5mm*2.5mm).
Caution: This exhauster can work right away when it is put well. No need to change the printer structure.


☄️Manufactured with ELEGOO Neptune 2S FDM printer Model

☄️Elegoo Mars Expansion Kit -- exhauster_V1.0:

☄️Contact Martian Wong in Tiktok: 



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