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ELEGOO Established Sponsorship with The Academy of Fine Arts of Catanzaro

ELEGOO Established Sponsorship with The Academy of Fine Arts of Catanzaro

The Academy of Fine Arts of Catanzaro is a public university.

According to the current training offer (MIUR), the Academy of Catanzaro is included in the university sector, in the field of Higher Artistic and Musical Education and issues 1st level academic diplomas (equivalent to a degree) and 2nd level (equivalent to a master's degree).

The Academy of Fine Arts of Catanzaro has established in recent years a rich heritage of contemporary artworks, which attest to the identity and history of the institution, from its foundation year to the present day.

Already documented in 2014, through the exhibition and the publication Visione In-Waiting, the heritage was built not starting from thematic areas of research, but highlighting the differences in the various artistic experiences imparted by the numerous teachers who in over forty years of the life of the ABA have followed one another.

The objective of the current studies, around the heritage, is the reconstruction of a "possible" Calabrian school, established and detached from the Neapolitan school, or rather the first nucleus of the institution's foundation, represented by Calabrian teachers-artists who formed subsequent generations of creative.

These studies are accompanied by the need for historicization and the consequent establishment of a Museum that can allow the use of the works: therefore the Museum of the Heritage of the Academy of Catanzaro is born (whose acronym is MuPAc), now usable, in a widespread way, at the former boarding school, the new ABA headquarters.

The pilot project of the MuPAC is Ceilings, through which the museum acts as a pivot of the network of museums, of relations and actions that the Academy has put in place, to work in synergy, promoting and supporting artistic training, contemporary art, and cultural heritage.

The Academy has got a library, whose patrimony consists of about 3000 volumes (printed publications, sector periodicals, exhibition catalogs) in continuous growth through purchases and donations, to which are added precious materials ( posters, multimedia, and audiovisual collections, theses documenting artistic and scientific production). This heritage represents a special source to tell, together with the history of the institution from its foundation in 1972 to today, that of contemporary arts in the South and in particular in Calabria.

The academy will start classes in October 2021, focusing on courses in history, conception and design of tabletop and role-playing, dice games, simulation and war games. More and more the vocation of the Academy, in step with the times, shows the need to develop new lines of research in the visual arts and to experiment with integrated forms in the applied arts. The 3D printer needed by ELEGOO sponsored the college gives students the opportunity to print out their creations and turn them into real objects! 

ELEGOO hopes to help the students of the art academy develop and stimulate their interest in art, culture and beauty, and increase their understanding of tangible and intangible cultural heritage.

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