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Maintenance Tips for LCD 3D Printers

Maintenance Tips for LCD 3D Printers

Sometimes incorrect use will cause the shortening of accessories lifespan. We would like to review with you guys the right manner to maintain the accessories when using the LCD 3D printer. Avoid improper ways as much as possible and thus extend the lifespan of the parts.

Now, test whether you have mastered the correct maintenance method through the following four questions, and the correct answer will be announced at the end of the article!


Please keep your answers in mind, the correct options are as follows:

Q1: A         Q2: C        Q3: B       Q4: B


Always take care of your 3d printer! Especially the parts!

Accessories maintenance is an important step that can help extend the lifespan of your parts and even the printer. We have organized the correct ways to maintain the FEP film, Z-axis, Build plate, and LCD screen(as shown in the image).Hope these tips will help you in 3d printing!

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