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Introducing: Mercury Plus 2 in 1 Washing and Curing Machine 2.0

Introducing: Mercury Plus 2 in 1 Washing and Curing Machine 2.0

Meet the Mercury Plus 2 in 1 Washing and Curing Machine 2.0

Our ELEGOO Mercury cleaning and curing series has been updated from a single Mercury curing box to the Mercury Plus 2 in 1 cleaning and curing machine, then to Mercury X Bundle. Today we are very happy to introduce the Mercury Plus 2.0 version to everyone.

Why upgrade?
✔️ Meet user needs and bring better products to everyone.

The features of Mercury Plus 2.0

1. [Upgrade Protection Function] Sealed washing to prevent the volatilization of alcohol during the cleaning process . Fan-less curing mode makes it quieter to use. The anti-UV lid can block 99.95% of ultraviolet rays to protect your eyes.

2. [Intelligent Curing and Washing] The front TFT screen can directly display the setting time and remaining time, and the operation is simple and intuitive. With built-in 16 pcs of 405nm UV LED and a 360-degree rotating turntable, you can uniformly cure the model.

3. [Flexible Washing Mode] The models can be placed in a cleaning basket to be cleaned separately, or mount the build plate with models on it and wash them together, which can avoid direct contact with the uncured resin. The height of the platform bracket can be adjusted to fit the liquid level in the bucket.

4. [Ideal Compatibility] Compatible with most of the LCD/DLP/SLA 3D printers like ELEGOO Mars, Mars Pro, Mars C, Photon, Photon s etc, which provides you an ideal support for washing and curing your 3D resin prints.

    Parameter Details

    Machine Version Mercury Plus 2.0 Mercury Plus 1.0
    Control Method Touch button Touch button
    Rated Power 48W 48W
    Input Voltage 100V/240V 50/60Hz 110V/220V 50/60Hz
    UV Light 405nm(8+8) 385nm+405nm(8+8)
    Time Setting 0-30mins 0-30mins
    Machine Size 200mm*200mm*352mm 200mm*200mm*352mm
    Maximum Curing Size φ140*165mm φ140*165mm
    Maximum Wash Volume 124mm*90mm*110mm(with platform)  
    131mm*90mm*220mm(without platform)
        Machine Net Weight 3.8kg 4.8kg
        Price $129.99 $120


        The difference between MERCURY PLUS 2.0 and MERCURY PLUS 1.0?
        1. The size of the cleaning bucket is increased, and it supports two cleaning methods with platform cleaning and large-size cleaning without platform.
        2. Sealed cleaning, no need to cover the hood in cleaning mode.
        3. Brand-new lamp board design, enhanced heat dissipation, 8 405nm high-power lamp beads are installed in each double row (a total of 16 lamp beads), better curing effect.
        4. Fan-less Design, noise-free operation, work and study will not be disturbed.
        5. The front and rear shells of the light board are changed to plastic material, which is more portable.
        6. One-piece 48w plug-in adapter, get rid of the trouble of power cord.


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