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Christmas Giveaway #MyChristmasHope Winners List

Christmas Giveaway #MyChristmasHope Winners List

🎅[Winners list] [My Christmas hope]🎅

So many beautiful wishes in #MyChristmasHope! We believe Santa has heard everyone's wishes!  🎅👣

Here is the list of winners. Please DM us to claim prize if your name is included.

No need to be sad if you don't win. ELEGOO read everyone's wishes carefully. We learned many people said they wanted a #ELEGOOSaturn, #ELEGOOJupiter.

Tomorrow there will be a Giveaway to give your desired Saturns and Jupiters!  😲🔥

[Be sure to check back tomorrow for our next #giveaway, ELEGOO is here to grant your wishes!]

Facebook Winners:

🎁 Mars 2 Pro*1: Mitch L. Henderson 
🎁 Neptune 2*1: Morgan Siegel 
🎁 Conqueror Robot Tank*1: Aili Jones, Lucas F. De Silva 
🎁Resin(1L)/ UNO Super Starter Kit*1: 

Edson Bispo, Orhan Ertughrul, Karen Muirhead, Sébastien Domont, Mindy Hartl (McDonald), Marco Rocchegiani

Instagram Winners:

🎁 Mars 2 Pro*1: sweetbee1952
🎁Resin(500g)*1: printforpaint, lizard_models, dariendarksun85, shadowfreak, joshhooper

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