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Model Sticking to The FEP Rather Than Sticking to The Build Platform

Model Sticking to The FEP Rather Than Sticking to The Build Platform

If you are experiencing the "Model not sticking to the build plate" problem, please follow the steps below:

1.Check our official resin setting suggestions: CLICK HERE

2.Level the build platform

Did you loosen the building platform screws before level the building platform? Pls check the correct leveling method below: (The attached video is a demonstration on the Mars Pro, but the operation of the leveling build plate is similar on different model of printers. You can also level the printer by reading the manual book that came with the machine.)

3.Temperature will affect printing

As the temperature of the printing environment decreases, please increase the bottom exposure time appropriately to make the model more easily adhere to the build plate. (You can try add 10s based on the recommended parameters)

4.For the adjustment of our resin exposure time, you can also check the following information for some reference:

ChiTuBox Exposure Parameter Adjustment Interface

(Following information is only for the original Mars, other model of printers please subject to this Official Resin Setting Sheet)

1)The curing time required for different color resins is different. 

ELEGOO Maroon & Black
  • Bottom Layer Count: 5
  • Bottom Exposure Time: 90 seconds,
  • Exposure Time: 15 seconds
ELEGOO Translucent
  • Bottom Layer Count: 5
  • Bottom Exposure Time: 70 - 75 seconds,
  • Exposure Time: 12 - 15 seconds
Other Colors of ELEGOO Resin
  • Bottom Layer Count: 5
  • Bottom Exposure Time: 60 - 70 seconds,
  • Exposure Time: 8 - 10 seconds

2)The setting of the bottom exposure time also depends on the size of the model. If the model is too large or heavy, it is recommended that you set it to 70s or even 75s. The longer the exposure time of the bottom layer is, the better the model will adhere to the build plate and not fall easily.

If the above solution can't solve your problem, please take some pictures or a short video of the problem then send it to with your order number of the printer for further advice.

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