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Christmas Giveaway: Grab Desired Gift (Dec 16th - Dec 25th)

Christmas Giveaway: Grab Desired Gift (Dec 16th - Dec 25th)

🎅[Christmas#giveaway: Grab desired gift]

Here we go! Many of you guys wish for an #ELEGOOMars3, #ELEGOOSaturn, #ELEGOOJupiter. We here to be your #SantaClaus, granting your wishes by giving away ALL the three #3dprinters!

For a chance to get them, just:
2. Like this post.
3. Take a screenshot when your desired machine(s) happen to be in the frame, then share the photo in the Facebook post comments.
(It's okay if you can't screenshot your desired machine, share your screenshot and you still may be on the winners list.)

🎁Super Bundle*1: ELEGOO Jupiter+ ELEGOO Saturn+ ELEGOO Mars 3 3d printers
🎁1st place*1: ELEGOO Jupiter 6K MSLA 3D Printer
🎁2nd place*1: ELEGOO Saturn 3D Printer
🎁3rd place*1: ELEGOO Mars 3 3D Printer
🎁Participation prize*15: ELEGOO Resin(1L, random)

We will consider increasing prizes number depending on the number of participants! Winners are randomly drawn around Christmas Day!

[Whether you can screenshot the machine or not, come and join! Just enter and we'll consider you for the winner's list! Have a joyful Christmas! And stay safe!]

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