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ELEGOO Saturn S VS The Original Saturn

ELEGOO Saturn S VS The Original Saturn

Towards the end of 2021, we released an upgraded version of Saturn S LCD resin printer last week. Today this blog will give you a comparison of the main parameters of the Saturn S and Saturn.

Machine Name ELEGOO Saturn S ELEGOO Saturn
LCD Screen Size 9.1''  8.9''
XY Resolution 4098*2560 3840*2400
Pixel Size 48um(0.048mm) 50um(0.05mm)
LCD Screen Life 2000h 2000h
Printing Size (Build Volume) 196*122*210mm(L*W*H) 192*120*200mm(L*W*H)
Printing Speed 30-70mm/h 30-40mm/h
Screen Scratch-resistant Film
Air Purifier ×
FEP film FEP2.0 FEP1.0

Main improvement points of Saturn S:

1: The size of LCD screen has been increased from 8.9'' to 9.1''.
2: The resolution is improved, and the printed model is more exquisite and detailed.
3: The printing height is increased, from 200mm to 210mm, which increases the printing space.
4: Upgrade from FEP1.0 to FEP2.0, the release force is smaller, and the success rate of printing is improved.
5: New air purifier, fresh printing environment(plug directly into the printer, no need to charge separately).
6: Application scenarios: animation figures, dental models, jewelry, engineering applications.

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