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Best ELEGOO Resin 3D Printers in 2021

Best ELEGOO Resin 3D Printers in 2021

Many thanks to Andrew Sink (3D printing Contributing Writer) from Tom's Hardware for selecting the best resin 3D printers for 3D printing enthusiasts from a wide range of brands,  and it's a great honor to have two printers from ELEGOO listed among them. The following references to the machine are from Andrew Sink's original article: Best Resin 3D Printers in 2021.

Best Resin 3D Printers 2021 

Best Resin 3D Printer Overall: Elegoo Mars 2 Pro (Image credit: Tom's Hardware)

ELEGOO Mars 2 Pro (4 Stars) -- Best Resin 3D Printer Overall

Technology: MLSA
Build Volume: 129mm x 80mm x 160mm
LCD Resolution: 2560 x 1620
LCD Size: 6.08-inch
XY Axis Resolution: 0.05mm
Connectivity: USB
+Spring-loaded self-leveling build platform
+Integrated air filtration system
+Solid metal base
-Build volume can feel limiting
-Preloaded test print can create difficulty for first-time users
A near-perfect balance between value and performance, it’s hard to find a better resin 3D printer than the Elegoo Mars 2 Pro. It’s fast, well-built, and provides reliable prints without any fuss. The slicer app Chitubox comes with a profile for the Mars 2 Pro that offers a 2.5-second exposure time, which lets this machine race ahead of competitors using traditional RGB LCD screens which can take 5-10 seconds per layer. 
The 129mm x 80mm x 160mm build volume of the Mars 2 Pro is a little on the smaller side, but the two-bolt leveling system used for calibrating the platform is so easy, it almost feels like cheating. Throw in an integrated air filter, a color LCD, and a solid metal base and you’ve got a 3D printer that can make accurate parts quickly and repeatedly.
Generally available for between $250 and $300, the Mars 2 Pro provides rock-solid construction along with a fast-curing Mono LCD screen to give users a smooth printing experience. If you’re most interested in the highest possible resolution and don’t mind a plastic base, the Elegoo Mars 3 offers a 4K screen and a slightly larger build volume for around $300. 
More: Elegoo Mars 2 Pro 3D Printer Review 

Best Large Format Resin 3D Printer: Elegoo Saturn (Image credit: Tom's Hardware)

ELEGOO Saturn (4.5 Stars) -- Best Large Format Resin 3D Printer

Technology: MSLA
Build Volume: 192mm x 120mm x 200mm
LCD Resolution: 3840 x 2400
LCD Size: 8.9-inch
XY Axis Resolution: 0.05mm
Connectivity: USB, Ethernet
+Exceptionally large build-volume-to-price ratio
+Rigid dual-Z linear rail system
-Difficult to find in stock

Combining the ease-of-use of the Elegoo Mars 2 Pro and the larger build volume of printers like the Anycubic Photon Mono X, the Elegoo Saturn is capable of printing large parts quickly just as easily as printing lots of small parts simultaneously. The 0.05mm XY resolution is on the lower side for most resin 3D printers, but the Saturn is still able to make smooth parts that require minimal post-processing.

Just like its smaller sibling the Mars 2 Pro, the Saturn uses a spring-loaded, self-leveling platform that makes calibration a breeze, something to be grateful for when you have such a large build volume. Replacing the FEP film on the vat is similarly easy, and the entire printing experience is designed to be as frictionless as possible thanks to the native integration with the Chitubox app.

The Saturn has a build volume of 280.46 cubic inches, a dramatic increase from the 100.81 cubic inch build volume of the smaller Elegoo Mars 2 Pro. If you’re looking for a resin printer that offers a large build volume, but you don’t want to compromise with a lower-quality print, the Saturn is an ideal solution. Originally very difficult to find in stock at release, Elegoo has since caught up with demand and the $499 Saturn is readily available at Amazon and on the Elegoo site.
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