Introducing: ELEGOO Neptune X FDM 3D printer

[ELEGOO Neptune X]

Meet the Neptune X FDM 3D printer.

A 3D printing system with stability and excellent printing capability, offering an overhaul from the original Neptune series. Equipped with the high-end chip, the machine processing speed goes super fast!

The ultra-quick heating of the hotbed, and resume printing function also give you extremely high printing efficiency.

It is large but very simple to assemble, making it a quality bet at home, office, and class environment.

Neptune series products are specially designed for FDM 3D printing, and Neptune 2 was the first to be announced this year. This is the second Neptune-Series printer to sneak into the ELEGOO store shortly after, named Neptune X.

Neptune X and Neptune 2 are not only different in appearance, but they are also different in parameters and functions, let's find out!

Product  Neptune X Neptune 2
Fuselage design Frame structure, sheet metal housing, more stable Gantry structure, fireproof plastic housing, more lightweight
Machine Size 625*472*507mm 430*426*613mm
Print Size 220*220*300mm 220*220*250mm
Platform size 235*235mm 235*235mm
More improvements 1. X-axis belt adjustment device, easy to adjust, ensure print quality;
2. Built-in power supply design, more secure;
3. STM32 high-end chip, more stable printing;


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