ELEGOO's Planetary Journey

Since ELEGOO entered the 3D printing industry, has never stopped in product development and production! “Create the Future” is the pursuit of ELEGOO people! Take you to join our planetary journey in just a few minutes!

Mars Journey

November 28, 2018ELEGOO Mars LCD 3D PRINTER release, and start sale on Amazon. 

October 18, 2019: All-new upgraded ELEGOO Mars Pro LCD 3D PRINTER

WATCH the video below and find out "What've been improved" 

August 21, 2020:  Enjoy your ride to ELEGOO Mars 2 Pro Mono LCD 3D Printer

December 29, 2020:  Meet the ELEGOO Mars 2  MSLA 3D Printer

June 5, 2021: Welcome to the ELEGOO Mars 3 ULTRA 4K Mono LCD 3D printer!

Neptune Journey

February 20, 2019ELEGOO NEPTUNE, our first ever self-designed FDM 3D printer.

February 10, 2021ELEGOO Neptune 2 FDM 3D Printer launched!

Saturn Journey

May 21, 2020:Meet ELEGOO Saturn 8.9 inches 4K Mono LCD 3D Printer

Jupiter Journey

August 16, 2021: Officially announced the start of the JUPITER journey,Jupiter 12.8'' 6K Mono LCD 3D Printer, Kickstarter Campaign will be released in early September. 

Mercury Journey

Mercury Series belongs 3D printing wash and curing machines.

Mercury Curing Machine

Mercury Plus 2 in 1 Wash and Curing Machine

Mercury X Bundle Washing and Curing Machine

Mercury Plus 2 in 1 Wash and Curing Machine 2.0

Our exploration is still going on......

Please look forward to more......

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