ELEGOO Established Sponsorship with Makerspace of Greenville to offer printer for members to use

Makerspace of Greenville, a Community of Creators, for Creators, it's a non-profit group empowering the next generation of makers, was opened in December 2019.

The Mission of this community

  • Provide the community a place and tools for people to follow their passions and creativity.
  • Offer a new way to re-engage youth as active learners and gain valuable experience while developing creative and innovative skills.
  • Promote artistic/engineering endeavors, non-traditional educational initiatives, and technological research and development.
  • Place Makerspace of Greenville at the leading edge of the new “Innovation Economy.”
  • Become a STEM/STEAM partner with local schools.

In order to help community members learn 3D printing, and experience the fun of 3D printing, ELEGOO is doing its part by sponsoring the Mars 2 Pro resin printer to encourage all innovative and creative activities.

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