ELEGOO SATURN: How to replace the motherboard

If your Saturn printer needs to replace the motherboard, please follow the steps below.

Tools you need: 2mm Hex Wrench, 2.5mm Hex Wrench, New Motherboard


1) Unlock the 4 screws that lock the right-side shell and remove this part of the shell.

2) Gently unplug the cable of the LCD screen from the motherboard.

3) Remove the 6 screws that lock the upper shell.

4) Tilt the upper shell up at an angle, then unplug the cables of the motor and the limit switch from the motherboard.

Caution 1: Please be sure to wear clean gloves when removing the upper shell in case of contaminating the lens in the subsequent steps.

Caution 2: The angle you tilt cannot be too large, and you can't lift up the upper shell completely avoid damages to the cables and ports.

    5) Unplug the cables of the UV lamp and the fan.

    Caution 3: If the port of the UV lamp is too firmly adhered with hot-melt glue, you can gently scrape off the glue a little. Please be careful of your own safety and avoid damaging the lens or other parts.

      6) Remove the 7 screws that lock the motherboard.

      7) Unplug the cable of the touch screen then remove the motherboard.

      8) Reinstall the new motherboard and lock the 7 screws.

      9) Re-connect the cables of the fan, the UV lamp and the touch screen.

      10) Re-connect the cables of the motor and the limit switch, then tighten the cables with the black plastic ring.

      11) Reinstall the upper shell and lock the screws.

      12) Re-connect the cable of the LCD screen.

      13) Double-check whether the wires inside will block the light from the lens. If so, please re-organize the cable to avoid affecting printing performance.

      14) Reinstall the right-side shell and lock the screws.


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